Early Years Robot Programming Education School Set (Pre-school – Year 3)


Aretc strives to create educational materials designed for an ever-changing world. Mapped to the Australian Curriculum, this course helps Australian Schools close the gap in STEAM education for early years in our schools. This is a great introduction to robotics and programming and serves as a foundational course for the AIA Robot Programming Education Kit for years 3 through 12.

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The early years program provides 3 stages of learning for students, and develops 1st century skills like programming, problem solving and the 4 Cs: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking. To do this, it utilises Puzzles, Robotics and Programming.

Puzzles: The logic puzzles program uses the same unique Artec block system that older students use in more advanced programs. These exciting logic puzzles cover 12 themes across 48 lessons.

Robotics: This program builds robots using the Artec block system, and teaches students basic robotic principles about motors, linkages and gears.

Programming: Focusing on the basics of programming, this element harnesses the icon based programming tool designed for younger aged students.