GoTechUP-ArtecRobo Online Virtual 3D/360 Online Robot Programming Simulator


New online program: GoTechUP-ArtecRobo is a Virtual Simulator 3D/360 (Japanese technology) as an additional supplement to our current Multi award winning Japanese Artec Robot Programming Education’s programs.

The online program will support the students learning from home, the students also will have the chance to enter the National and International Virtual Simulator Division Universal Robotics Challenge.

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Exclusive to EduTech Australia, the Virtual ArtecRobo Programming Simulator is an innovative online robot programming simulator co-developed by Artec Japan (multi-awards winning Robot programming education manufacture) and GoTechUP Kids Learning. The Virtual ArtecRobo Programming Simulator is an Immersive Learning Experience offers the users a holistic learning experience that provides for both an easily accessible online course, and an offline physical programmable solution that could be used as a package or offered separately.

GoTechUp – ArtecRobo Program Features:

  • Online self-paced learning course – a perfect tool for learning basics of coding at home.
  • Beginner-friendly, Scratch-like, Japanese block programming method for everyone.
  • Suitable from Kindergarten to Year 12 + or any Coding and programming manias
  • 144 step-by-step lesson curriculums.
  • ArtecRobo Adoption Acceleration Support schools’ programs and prepare the
    learners for the lesson, this will help continue students learning from home.
  • Lower the entry barrier and provide users with simulated ArtecRobo experience,
    contributing to awareness of programming and coding skills out of schools.
  • Special missions and tests ensure learner’s proper understanding on each lesson.
  • National and International Universal Robotics Challenge (URC) online simulator
    division (Additional Fees for the URC registrations Apply)
  • 12-month Annual subscription (no automatic renews, user in control)


GoTechUP-ArtecRobo virtual Simulator 360/ 3D online program’s full information:

GoTechUp-ArtecRobo short video: