Logic Puzzles part of the Early Years Robot Programming Education school set Pre-school – Year 3


Expand your original Robot Programming School kit for another year with this Mastery Course Kit. With 32 advanced lessons, complete expert levels 9 to 12. This set includes 12 new robots, and you can design your own.

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Innovator Academy series

Logic Puzzles Part 2 of the Early Years Robot Programming Education sets

Get ready for STEAM with the AIA Early Years Robot Programming Education for Preschools to Year 3 students ranked number one in the world!
Artec strives to creat educational materials for an ever-changing world

Mapped to the Australian Curriculum, this course helps Australian schools to close the age gap in STEAM education for early years and stage one in primary schools.

It’s a great introduction to robotics and programming and serves as a foundation course for the AIA Robot Programming Education for year 3 to year 12 students.

The Early Years program provides 3 stages of learning for students to develop programming skills, the 4C Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and problem-solving skills utilising Puzzles, Robotics and Programming as follows:

Puzzles: The logic puzzles program uses the same unique Artec block system that older students use in more advanced programs. These exciting logic puzzles cover 12 themes across 48 lessons. (kit sold Separately)

Robotics: Building robots using Artec blocks and learning about the basic robotic principles of motors, linkages and gears. kit one

Programming: Focusing on the basics of programming, this element harnesses the icon-based programming tool specifically designed for younger aged students. kit one